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Save money ~ make your own
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5 different
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Make Your Own Cab Mandrels

Make Calibrated and Freeform cabs

Make Silver Bezel Settings for Your Cabs

Securely Set Cabs in Handmade and Manufactured Bezels

Learn How to Solder and Use a Jeweler's Saw
We'll begin by constructing cabochon mandrels with interchangeable "cab faces" so that your cabochon can be any shape or size you want, including calibrated cabs to fit into manufactured settings as small as 5mm. After that, we'll talk about torch techniques for applying glass and shaping/forming the cabochons into pleasing shapes. Then, since your muse may want to make her own bezels and settings (she's so ambitious!), I'll show you how to use a jewelry saw properly, how to silver solder, and how to make your own bezel settings. Lastly, you'll learn the correct technique for setting cabochons into your own settings, or into manufactured settings.
So you see, the real purpose of this tutorial is to start you on your own Cabochon Adventure, to discover what your personal muse has to say about cabochons.... and I'm betting she has a lot to say! Most of us glass artists are full of our own ideas, and if you are ready to do something completely new and different with your flame-working skills, this is the tutorial for you!
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